Here’s What Others Are Saying:

Joan Leggitt

Founding Editor, Twisted Road Publications

“Brad Kuhn & Associates are great partners who are helping me get the word out about my publishing company’s books and authors – and what a relief. When I started looking for marketing and public relations services, I found numerous horror stories from other small publishers who paid tens of thousands of dollars for PR and got essentially nothing in return. Not so with Brad Kuhn & Associates. They have updated our website, produced a video book trailer for each of our first two releases with more in works, created beautiful print materials, and scheduled readings and workshops for our authors – tirelessly checking and rechecking schedules and release dates. They are talented, hardworking, competent and creative, which is just about as good as it gets.”

Scott McCallum

 APR. Mgr. of Corp. Communications & PR, Institute of Internal Auditors

“Providing executive communications and copywriting, Brad Kuhn & Associates is a trusted partner to our corporate public relations function. Their expertise and client-oriented approach has helped us raise the bar on how we communicate, ensuring our messages resonate with both members and advocacy targets.”

Don Strube

President & Co-founder, SunColor Paints

“As a startup company in a tough economy, we knew that the challenges would be great. We hired Brad and his team to help spread the word about SunColor and we’ve been extremely pleased with the results. The publicity they generated for us gave us a big jump start in the marketplace and added to our credibility. Our decision to hire Brad Kuhn & Associates was a wise one and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship with their firm.”

Mike Boslet

Editor, Orlando Magazine

“I have worked with Brad as his editor on major stories he’s written for Orlando Magazine. Brad is a gifted writer. He immerses himself in assignments, unearthing interesting details that help him build a narrative that will entertain as well as inform. He is masterful with metaphors, descriptions and setting the scenes. Brad is a pure writer, unbound by the conventions of journalistic templates. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented writer.”

Marty Rubin

CEO, Smart City Telecom

“Brad quickly learned our business and developed a comprehensive public relations campaign. What set Brad apart was the implementation of the campaign. We received great coverage in various media outlets and became a well-known & well-received organization in the Central Florida business community.”

Mark Tosczak

RLF Communications

“I found Brad to be an expert writer with a particular talent for helping senior executives express themselves clearly and powerfully. Brad is also a savvy, experienced PR pro with a strong understanding of how to deal with the media, employees and other audiences in a variety of situations. His skills and experience would be powerful assets for many organizations and leaders.”

Anna Neri

Affiliate Network Director, XOS Digital

“One of the most original, creative and passionate professionals that I have had the pleasure to collaborate with . . . During my time at CBR Public Relations, Brad and I joined forces on several B-to-B and retail accounts to provide results-driven campaigns for our local and national clientele. As a colleague, Brad demonstrated true team work, always mentoring me and sharing his insight, feedback and praise. Likewise, he treated everyone at the office with respect and helped boost morale by contributing to a positive environment. Brad genuinely cared about every account we handled. He would dedicate an enormous amount of energy and time to “wow” our clients with carefully planned campaigns that garnered dynamic results. The most inspiring quality about Brad is that he lives and breathes his craft. As a brilliant writer, he has authored several compelling and unique books, poems, short stories, speeches and other praise-worthy pieces. He never loses his “sizzle” because he has embodied it all of his life — it is a significant part of his being and it continues to evolve every day. Brad is a man of character and I am proud to have worked alongside him. He impacted me greatly and I thank him for his positive influence on my own career path.”